Audio Plugin Developer | Designer | Educator

I'm Akash, an audiophile currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I have been an audiophile for about half my life. I get interested in any aspect of audio, especially when related to audio technology, and I tend to dig deep till I get a working understanding of a concept. I have a Master's degree in Creative Music Technology from Maynooth University, Ireland, and I write audio applications and plugins. Besides that, I've spent a fair few years producing music commercially, and as a musician, have released 2 studio albums.


I have a diverse technological skill set, most of which I've applied professionally in my day jobs. My primary area of interest is audio plugin development, but I've worked previously as a back end software and security engineer, as a web developer writing commercial web applications, as a site reliability engineer taking care of infrastructure and CI/CD needs. I have a good working knowledge of AWS and GCP cloud services. Besides programming, I'm quite passionate about design and I've used Adobe's creative suite for graphic design and 2D motion graphics for my animated series on YouTube.

  • Language Proficiency

    • C++ 17
    • Java 11
    • Javascript
    • HTML / CSS
  • Libraries and Frameworks

    • JUCE 6
    • Boost
    • React / Angular
    • Spring Boot
  • Audio Prototyping Languages

    • CSound
    • Supercollider
    • Max/MSP
  • Creative Tools

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe After Affects
    • DaVince Resolve
  • Databases

    • Relational - MySQL, PostgreSQL
    • Non-relational - DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure

    • CI/CD with Jenkins
    • Docker with Kubernetes


Audio Plugins

As an audio programmer, I love developing audio plugins using JUCE. Here's a full list of plugins that I've worked on. Some are my own, that I use to teach DSP concepts, some are for clients that I've worked with through The Audio Programmer.

Udemy Instructor

I'm a Udemy instructor with a couple of top rated courses. I decided to teach at Udemy to impart the knowledge that I know, to learn more myself and to comprehensively and illustratively draw out complicated concepts in audio technology and give people a simple yet powerful understanding of these concepts.

Digital Audio Widgets

Follow the link to find an arsenal of interactive widgets on different aspects of digital audio and general mathematics. The widgets are written in React, P5.js and Tone.js. These widgets can be used in an educational setting to understand concepts of digital audio at a deeper level.

Synthesizer on the web

Audio on the web is fascinating to me. The opportunities are limitless. I wrote this visual synthesizer using React, P5.js and Tone.js. It's fully responsive and supports multi-touch. Through development, I noticed that my niece, Swara, 3 years old at the time, got fully engrossed in its visual appeal. So I decided to dedicate this web-app to my niece.



I'm a musician under the moniker Farfetch'd. I have a couple of albums out. A post rock album called The Alchemist and a progressive acoustic album called Southern Skies Motel. I haven't been as active as I'd like to be in terms of writing new music. But I hope to get back in form some day

Ultralight backpacking

I love the outdoors, and I love long distance backpacking. My adventures have mostly been constrained to the Emerald Isle. There is a lot of wilderness here and if you want some inspiration checkout my Instagram account, where I post regularly. But follow this link if you want to check out my backpack loadout. I've curated a list of ultralight gear that I use. It's a bit on the expensive side, but less weight = less fatigue = more mileage.

Contact Me

Give me a shout, don't be shy. I'd love to talk!